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                                            Doingcom has always been adhering to the main principle regarding research as the first and keeping the increasing investment to R&D. We have a powerful technical team consisted of doctors, masters and senior professional technicians, and provided with the full functional experimental building and sophisticated instrumentations as well as the most advanced pilot plant.
                                            The R&D team is mainly engaged in product and process innovation. Their contribution for the company are those core competence elements such as new products, lower material consumption, shorter reaction time, higher security, less "three wastes" emission, lower environmental risk, etc.
                                            Our core technological innovation is mainly based on three green chemical technologies, which are fixed-bed catalysis, highly-selective hydrogenation and highly-efficient hydration.

                                            Here are the main chemical reactions which we skillfully master,
                                            condensation                 Diels-Alder reaction         oxidation
                                             pyrolysis reaction           epoxidation                    Prins reaction
                                             cyclization                      esterification                  isomerization
                                             decarboxylation              Friedel-Craft reaction      reduction
                                             Michael reaction              hydrogenation               hydration
                                             depolymerization            Darzens reaction            Mannich reaction


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